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 [Anime H-Game] 人工少女3+(Artificial Girl 3)[all_in_one] -29.06.2009-[Only Cowo yang boleh masuk] H-FansClub

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PostSubject: [Anime H-Game] 人工少女3+(Artificial Girl 3)[all_in_one] -29.06.2009-[Only Cowo yang boleh masuk] H-FansClub   Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:08 am

Tempat Diskusi berbagai Hentai disini :
Daftar dulu awas

Member yang sudah terdaftar

this is a Setup of "AG3+" integrated with the latest mods
including all the tools neccesary to make you're own mods, and,
girls,look the way you want them to look.

this is a clean install beacause -
you won't have to copy paste no .exe's just install and play.
i do however give you the option to choose you're own, Body types, skins, etc,
every mod neccesary for customizing girls are INCLUDED IN [DH's Wizzard
*Note* not integrated]

you probably won't need to create girls, cuz i've included
some of mine, SERIOUSLY check them out once you start.

-How to install-

1.Run the "[AG3][]setup.part01.exe"
2.Install to your "C:\"
3.when finished installing, DirextX9 will prompt to be installed
4.start the game and enjoy

This setup contains stock body types and clothe textures, you can apply the
different body mods in the wizzard i provided, credits to "DarkHound" for
making such awesome tool

SS nya:

Downlod klik Torrent[6GB]

* ag3setup/[AG3][all_in_one]setup.part01.exe 734003200
* ag3setup/[AG3][all_in_one]setup.part02.rar 734003200
* ag3setup/[AG3][all_in_one]setup.part03.rar 734003200
* ag3setup/[AG3][all_in_one]setup.part04.rar 734003200
* ag3setup/[AG3][all_in_one]setup.part05.rar 734003200
* ag3setup/[AG3][all_in_one]setup.part06.rar 734003200
* ag3setup/[AG3][all_in_one]setup.part07.rar 734003200
* ag3setup/[AG3][all_in_one]setup.part08.rar 734003200
* ag3setup/[AG3][all_in_one]setup.part09.rar 734003200
* ag3setup/[AG3][all_in_one]setup.part10.rar 356794891
* Preview/2009_ (10).jpg 37410
* Preview/2009_ (2).jpg 36637
* Preview/2009_ (3).jpg 38876
* Preview/2009_ (4).jpg 38997
* Preview/2009_ (5).jpg 34616
* Preview/2009_ (6).jpg 33699
* Preview/2009_ (7).jpg 31097
* Preview/2009_ (8).jpg 30463
* Preview/2009_ (9).jpg 43155
* Preview/Make_mygirls (1).jpg 86411
* Preview/Make_mygirls (2).jpg 79891
* Preview/Make_mygirls (3).jpg 85482
* Preview/Make_mygirls (4).jpg 89020
* Preview/Make_mygirls.jpg 91003
* Readme.txt 4426
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[Anime H-Game] 人工少女3+(Artificial Girl 3)[all_in_one] -29.06.2009-[Only Cowo yang boleh masuk] H-FansClub
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