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 Japanese TV Streaming, help with streaming problem&Arashi Schedule

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PostSubject: Japanese TV Streaming, help with streaming problem&Arashi Schedule   Sat Jul 03, 2010 12:42 pm

You might have already tried this on VLC and Windows Media Player. If not, here's how you can watch your favorite Japanese shows in real time through streaming. Believe me, this is way way better than keyhole TV! By the way, this probably won't work on dial-up.


1. Download the VLC player here. Note that the latest version as of today is 9.4. I use 8i though so the process in this guide may be different for other versions. I tried 9.4 before and as long as you know the basics, then you can work the process out yourself.

2. Click File> Open Network Stream...

For other versions, still click File. Then the choice might have a different name like "Streaming... ":

3. A new window will appear. Click Network.

Then on the HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS type any of the addresses/URLs below. Each address corresponds to a TV Network.


4. Click OK and wait for stream to start.

OPTION B. (for VLC, Windows Media Player and other players with streaming) NOTE THAT I USE WINDOWS XP and NOT VISTA

1. Open Firefox browser (I use the latest Firefox browser. I haven't tried this on Internet Explorer or other browsers)

2. Type the URL of the network that you want to stream on the address bar. A new window will appear which says Launch Application.

3. Choose the player which will open the stream. (VLC or WMP or any other streaming players, NOT REAL PLAYER or TOTAL VIDEO PLAYER). Wait for your stream to load.

Note: I noticed that WMP 11 (the latest version) won't play an MMS address when you open it directly through WMP. But the MMS will open when you type the URL through Firefox. browser first.

OPTION C for WMP 11 (works for HTTP: address, not MMS. Haven't tried it with others). AGAIN, this was tried for XP and NOT VISTA. If you want to know how it will work for VISTA, try the solutions here

1. Open WMP.

2. Click File> Open URL...

3. Type the address on the window that will appear. Click enter and wait for the stream.

4. Click View> Full Mode (if not, it will be very small)

Note: when you try to open an mms stream directly on WMP in XP, a window will appear saying:

Windows Media Player cannot connect to the server. The server name might not be correct, the server might not be available, or your proxy settings might not be correct.

OPTION D for WMP 10 and lower .

1. Follow steps for option C. But this time, it will open MMS (I haven't tried it but based on the reviews, the lower WMP versions play MMS on Vista and XP).

If you don't have VLC or WMP, then I think Quick Time also has a streaming option, but I'm not sure if it will play MMS.


Streaming stops after X seconds -

I had this problem at first and NOT one forum could help me. So I had to improvise. Haha.

Clear your cache, recycle bin, etc. VERY EASILY by using ATF Cleaner or CCleaner. This didn't help me since I had a different problem but it could work for you.

If this doesn't work, try increasing your virtual memory. This one really helped me!!

Also, make sure that you have enough RAM. If it still didn't work, I'm stumped. haha.

NOW, all you need is the schedule of your favorite shows! Note that all are in Japanese time.

for ANIME:
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Japanese TV Streaming, help with streaming problem&Arashi Schedule
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